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There is a Teardown/Reassembly charge of $25 for most pistols/rifles with the exception of the Springfield XD and AK. This does not include pistol slides.


Single Color Handgun Slide $75

Single Color Handgun Frame $80

Single Color Whole Handgun $150

Two-Tone Handgun $170

Multicam Slide $130

Kryptek(Licensed) $145

Battleworn Slide $110

Custom Handgun Email Us!


Barreled Bolt Action $110

Barreled Action with Bolt $135

Complete Bolt Action $200

Multicam Bolt Action $275

Kryptek Bolt Action $325

Custom Bolt Action Email Us!

AR pattern

Single Color Receiver (upper or lower) $90

Single Color Receiver Set $160

Single Color Complete (Receivers, hand guard, stock) $200

Two-Color Complete $220

Multicam AR (up to 4 colors) $300

Kryptek AR $350

Battleworn AR $250


Single Color Barreled Receiver $110

Single Color Shotgun Complete $170

Multicam Shotgun $250

Custom Shotgun Email Us!

parts(outside of complete gun)

AR Barrel $80

Muzzle Device $45

AR parts kit $45

Bolt $65

Silencer $100

Optic Mounts $45

Optics Email Us!


We can coat anything. From household items to car parts, Cerakote will adhere to anything but soft rubber. Contact us today to talk about your project.


Basic Microdot Full/Compact Frame $220

Basic Microdot SubCompact Frame $160

Microdot with Undercuts, finger groove removal, thumb hold $250

Golfball pattern with Borders, undercuts, finger groove removal and thumbhole $300

Other Services

Firearm Transfers $20

Silencer Transfers $50

We are dealers for a wide array of Silencer Manufacturers. We offer great prices and will walk you through every step on completing your NFA purchase.

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